165 Happiness from Contentment

Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends
Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends
165 Happiness from Contentment

Today we are going to talk about a very special word, a word that if we can remember and practice it, it will be really easy to be happy. That word is “contentment”. When we are content, then we are happy with whatever we have. We don’t keep thinking about all the things we don’t have but wish we had. I’m sure all of us can think about a time, maybe even today, when we weren’t happy with what we had and we wanted something that we didn’t have. Maybe we wanted to go outside for a walk, or go outside to play, but we couldn’t. Even though we may be already sitting in a very good place, we wish we were somewhere else. Maybe we weren’t happy with the food we had and we wanted something different. As long as we aren’t happy with what we have, then we can’t be happy. Especially if we are stuck in the house with no where to go.

In the sermon today we will learn about the life of the great Arahant monk Maha Kassapa. You may remember sometimes we recite a paritta that was given to him when he was sick. Well, today we’ll learn about a different event in his life, one that shows how he could be content with whatever he got.

Qualities of the Triple Gem

Such indeed is the Blessed One: Arahant, Worthy One; supremely enlightened; endowed with knowledge and virtue; follower of the Noble Path; knower of worlds; the peerless trainer of persons; teacher of gods and humans; the Enlightened Teacher; the Blessed One.

Well taught by the Blessed One is the Dhamma, visible here and now, timeless, open to all, learned and applied to oneself, understood by the wise each for himself.

Of pure conduct is the Order of Disciples of the Blessed One. Of upright conduct is the Order of Disciples of the Blessed One. Of wise conduct is the Order of Disciples of the Blessed One. Of generous conduct is the Order of Disciples of the Blessed One. Those four pairs of persons, the eight kinds of individuals, that is the Order of Disciples of the Blessed One. They are worthy of offerings. They are worthy of hospitality. They are worthy of gifts. They are worthy of reverential salutations. The incomparable field of merit for the world.


9:22 Sermon on contentment
16:12 Metta Bhavana: Loving Kindness Meditation Download PDF or MP3.

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