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The lives of Great Arahants are amazing. It’s difficult to live in a forest without mindfulness. When you live in a forest you will feel lonely, you will miss others, you will always be waiting to come to the city or go home. However, the great Arahants didn’t feel this way until they passed away. So, understand the true nature of the body, feelings, and the mind. When this mind is covered with the unwholesome roots, unwholesome thoughts will arise, and depending on wholesome roots, wholesome thoughts will arise. “Developing the Four Establishments of Mindfulness, Five Spiritual Faculties, Five Spiritual Powers and Seven Enlightenment Factors I live in this forest”, this was said by Arahant Vakkali Maha Thera.

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6 thoughts on “People With No Fear | Buddhism”

    • When we are conscious of our mind, then we can see fear arising and what is the cause of the fear. So without this we are not able to completely remove the possibility of fear arising.

  1. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
    It is very hard to live in this world and now leave in fear, but the great Arahants were able to live without fear and they lived mindfully and peacefully.



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