Help Build New Mahamevnawa English Dhamma Center in Colombo

For many years the founder of Mahamevnawa—our teacher, Most Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera—has wanted to share the Supreme Buddha’s Dhamma with the innocent children who learn in English. He wisely understood that as they became more and more dedicated to English learning, they would need to also learn the true Buddha’s teachings in English.
Therefore, for the past three years, the Monks and lay supporters of Mahamevnawa have been working tirelessly to spread the Supreme Buddha’s teachings in English in Colombo and around the world.
With the blessings of our teacher, Most Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera, we now hope to purchase a land to build our very own Dhamma Centre which would provide a long term support for the Dhamma propagation in English.

Present Situation & Future Hope

The current location of Colombo Dhamma Friends is a rented property with no opportunity for expansion. The monks and lay supporters have been searching for property in Colombo for a permanent location so families and children have a place where they can learn the Buddha's teachings in peace and comfort.

The Goal

The goal is to purchase a property of at least 80 perches inside Colombo where we could hold monthly sil programmes and weekly Dhamma programmes. The property will also be home to the monks who provide these services.

Help Buy the Land

Do you know of any land for sale in the Colombo area?

Donation Progress

For the first stage we are trying to raise 80,000,000 LKR.


Donation Options for New Dhamma Center Donations

Contact Details

Contact number – +94 779 700 001
Email address – 


Feature 1

3 Dhamma Halls

So we will be able to conduct simultaneous programs for adults, youth and children

Feature 2

Maha Stupa

Will contain relics of the Supreme Buddha and great arahant disciples.

Feature 3

Bodhi Mandapa

Meditate peacefully under the shade of the Sacred Maha Bodhi Tree.

Feature 1

Media Studios

Studio, Broadcasting rooms, Work stations for employed staff and volunteers

Feature 2

Sangha Residence

Kutis for 15 monks plus 3 rooms for sick monks. Danashalava, kitchen, and monks gathering area.

Feature 3

Retreat Rooms

For lay people to stay overnight to practice mediation and shramadana.

As well as…

  • Washroom for Lay people
  • Security Guard
  • Dhamma Book Shop
  • Puja Mandapaya
  • Car park
  • Wooden Dhamma hall
  • Live Streaming & Broadcasting room

Free Programmes We Conduct

  • Poya Programmes
  • Children’s Dhamma School
  • English preaching training programmes for monks
  • Retreats
  • Stress Management Programmes

Artists drawings…


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