Dedicate a Day to Offer 10 Gilampasa

This opportunity is especially for the kids and young adults to make 10 types of gilampasa on their own to keep them occupied with chores. The kids living away from Sri Lanka could send a fruit basket with seven fruits and 3 types of herbal medicine to the asapuwa through any online Sri Lankan store.


If you wish to do a Gilan Pasa Offering or have any questions, kindly send a sms to:

(+94) 779 700 001 – CDF Monks of Mahamevnawa

How to prepare Gilan Pasa

Gilanpasa is a drink that can also be considered as medicine that the Buddha and the Sangha are allowed to consume after mid-day.

The 10 types of Drinks

Drinks made from mangoes, apple, bananas, grapes, papaya, lime, orange, pomegranate, watermelon are permissible

Herbal medicinal drinks such as Kottamalli (Coriander Seeds), Samahan, Paspanguwa, Vanivel gata are also permissible.

What you need:

10 Fruits of your choice • 10 500 ml water bottles • water • sugar • salt • blender • strainer • cloth

Offering Gilan Pasa

  • Pour strained juice into a 500 ml water bottle and tie a bow around the bottle using a ribbon of your choice.
  • Place bottles on a beautiful tray with a white cloth laid on top of it. After placing all 10 bottles on tray, cover the tray of bottles with a white cloth.

Do not add:

Gilan Pasa should not be prepared using milk and ice cream as it is impermissible

Preparing Gilan Pasa

They have to be made using water from 500ml water bottles, sugar and salt only.

  • Wash fruit of your choice.
  • Chop/ slice fruit on a clean chopping board
  • Place fruit bits inside blender and add a little water (use water from 500 ml water bottles), sugar and salt.
  • Blend fruits with water
  • Using a clean spoon, taste the juice by placing some of the juice on the palm of your hand.
  • Add any salt or sugar if required.

Straining Juice:

Method 1

  • Pour mixture onto a fine mesh strainer while placing a bowl or cup below. Note: slowly transfer the juice into the strainer, being careful so it doesn’t flow over the sides. Let the liquid completely drain through the strainer before pouring more through the strainer.
  • If there is pulp, apply firm pressure and push the pulp down with a rubber spatula to squeeze out the juice.

Method 2

  • Pour mixture onto a cloth at a steady pace so the pulp catches in the fibers. Allow the liquid to completely drain out from the cloth before adding more of the juice
  • Gather the corners in the middle and twist the cloth to wring out any of the juice stuck in the pulp. Squeeze the middle section of the cloth tightly so the liquid drains out.


  • When slicing apples, place sliced apples in a bowl of water and some lime juice to avoid discolouration.
  • Remove seeds of grapes when preparing grape juice.


If you wish to do a Gilan Pasa Offering or have any questions, kindly send a SMS to:
+94) 779 700 001 – CDF Monks of Mahamevnawa


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