Fully realized ones about life | Short Dhamma Videos

It is the right view in the issues that basically enables a person to be reborn in the human world or in the heavenly worlds. In Buddhism, two Right Views are mentioned, namely the Mundane or worldly Right View and the Supermundane Right View. The former leads to generating the latter which arises in the Noble Eightfold Path. The ten issues that belong to the Mundane Right View are:

There are results in giving, There are results in helping and giving services to others. There are results in veneration and making offering, There are fruits and results in good and bad actions (kamma), There is a place called ‘this world’, There is a place called ‘other world’ (there is a life after death), There is a special person called mother, There is a special person called father, There are beings who are born spontaneously, There are good and virtuous recluses and brahmins in the world who have realised this world and the other world by themselves through their own knowledge. Today we are going to discuss about the virtuous recluses who have realised this world by themselves.

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